Features of Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking essay is a good way to increase your analytical skills and express your thoughts on a particular topic. When lecturers grade such essays, they take into account your writing skills, as well as ability to develop clear arguments.

You need to start with a topic of your essay on critical thinking. Usually students get assigned to a particular topic, but sometimes you can choose it. If so, choose a topic that is really interesting for you. It’s also necessary to choose a topic that is easy to describe in a few clear theses. Don’t forget that an essay is a brief form of paper, so you need to prepare and express your thoughts as clear as possible.

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Outline for a Paper on Critical Thinking

Start with an outline. Define your main theses and arguments; think about the priority of your claims to choose which ones should be written first. If your task is to compare different works, search what things make them similar and how they differ. Do not try to write too much emotional claims, since your main goal is to provide a sequence of logical conclusions.

Divide your claims into paragraphs and make sure that the body of your essay is three times longer than an introduction. Make your introduction brief and after the main part, write a short conclusion. Conclusion should tell your readers about questions raised in your research and point out to the main thesis.

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